Septic Care and The James River (via Hootentown)

Hope everyone will take care of the James River and the lakes below by using this info!!!

Provide by The James River Basin Partnership – Video describes several different types of septic systems and their maintenance requirements. Produced by James River Basin Partnership, Table Rock Lake Water Quality, INC, and Watershed Committee of the Ozarks. Funds provided by TRLWQ 319 Grant. … Read More

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Organic Farming Conference Begins in Springfield, MO (via Hootentown)

Now that’s a great way to get ready for spring!!!

Thursday, February 10 2011 (Springfield, MO) — Hundreds of farmers from across the state will be in Springfield for the next three days. The annual Missouri Organic Association Conference is being held at the Ramada Oasis Conference Center on North Glenstone. The conference includes almost forty hands-on workshops including managing organic poultry, cheese making, and tree grafting among others. There will be more than fifty organic industry ven … Read More

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Very smart take from Mark Suster: #Startup Entrepreneurs And Investors – Focus On Basecamp, Not The Summit

This is quite brilliant, including the initial dose of reality. And it has implications beyond just the start-up world, I’d argue that it applies to all small business/solopreneurs as well.

Key sentence: The community will take us where next.

So…you want to live in the Ozarks! (via Hootentown)

Such a great article I had to repost it! want to live in the Ozarks! I was looking around the internet for an angle for a new piece and I ran across a group of people who are wanting to, as they put it, live off the grid. No electricity, indoor plumbing, telephones, those things our folks worked so hard to get. I remember how tickled Grandad was when he finally got indoor plumbing. I can hear him now "I won't use that dadburned thing, I don't *hit where I sleep". There were a whole lot of people in that generation … Read More

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