Nuts in 2009!

Black Walnuts harvested from fall 2008.

Black Walnuts harvested from fall 2008.

Politics aside, I have been hoping this year would be better than last year for quite some time.  Thankfully, I can tell you already this year is better than I expected just a few months ago.  Keeping a positive attitude and expecting the best always helps, but seeing more contracts and closings this month at almost the mid-point than a couple of the previousl months combined proves that it is truly happening locally just as I had hoped, and even better.  I am posting this only to encourage those who are still wondering if there is enough activity going on in the real estate market yet this year to dare hope that the market is turning around.  I would have to say it is starting to get better, in my opinion. 

You may think I am nuts but that is why I put this picture up.  A few months ago my grand-daughter and I were road hunting for Grandma’s favorite fudge ingredient to prepare for the holiday goodies we love. We were able to round up over a hundred black walnuts we found along the side of the road while driving through the local hollers.  So, after spending a couple of long afternoon trying to husk them and getting very stained hands, we decided to let them just sit and rot. 

Sometimes you can work and work and not get anything but dirty hands and then you stop and wait for awhile to ponder the situation awhile.  Then you go back and find that things have progressed right along at their normal pace without your help and are now ready for the harvest.  You see, after the husk has turned black and the hulling worms have done their job, you can just knock that junk off them, crack the shell and get the meat.  It seems so easy when you do it right.  Duh!  Naturally, getting all the prep work done right ahead of time is the KEY!  So don’t go nuts, just keep on working and waiting, you will harvest!

Branding Bubba Before Breaking the Bank.



Bubba got a big one:)


for a brokerage that went out of business last year, I was forced to create a new brand and re-start my business from square one in an environment that could not be described as a “cyber-culture.”  Just to avoid any misconceptions, I am not saying that the Ozarks are full of illiterate, banjo playing, hillbillies, but our lifestyle is not a starbucks-fueled, hyper-blackberry, speed-racer paced one either. Branson and the Table Rock Lake

area are more of the retro-baby-boomer oriented style of culture that know how to use the internet but are not dependent upon it daily. 

My challenge has also been maximized by the reality that in our rural area, which is true in much of

Missouri, there are no daily newspapers or even rarer, local radio stations.  Communicating my brand to this rural region is therefore not able to be done by e-newsletters, newspaper advertising, nor occasional radio blips. Matter of a fact, there is no certain way to reach a majority of those who live in and/or frequent this neck of the woods.  This brings me to reason for my story.  As the newly branded Agent for the Ozarks, my challenge is huge!